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Cody Rhodes: Tag Team Specialist [2007-2014]

In the 8-year tenure of Cody Rhodes’ WWE career, he’s been a part of 6 successful tag teams that have taken various ventures. In developmental, Rhodes (wrestling as Cody Runnels) spent nearly a year teaming with fellow WWE developmental superstar, Shawn Spears. The pair became fan favorites quickly, even capturing the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. They paired until the eventual turn of Spears on Rhodes which led to an intense rivalry. One Rhodes moved up to the WWE, the first team he was a part of was his pairing with Hardcore Holly, which halted immediate success as the team became the WWE World Tag Team Champions.

Their reign ended after the debut of Ted DiBiase, who threatened the team that his tag team partner would conquer the champions. That partner turned out to be Rhodes himself, who turned on Holly and watched as DiBiase pinned Holly to make himself and Rhodes the new champions. The team of DiBiase and Rhodes teamed for the next two years, both as a team and together in a faction with Randy Orton known as Legacy. After their split, Rhodes spent some time on SmackDown where he developed a kinship with “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre. This was yet another successful pairing, as Rhodes and McIntyre became the WWE Tag Team Champions at Night Of Champions in a tag team turmoil match. After losing the titles the following month, the team quietly split.

Rhodes’ next tag team venture was the pairing of himself and Damien Sandow, in a team known as Rhodes Scholars (or sometimes, Team Rhodes Scholars). This team was perhaps the most popular among fans of Rhodes, as their team was boisterous, comedic, and highly talented. They had incredible chemistry, and nearly defeated Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Hell In A Cell 2012, but won by disqualification, which meant they didn’t capture the titles. The two would split months later, promising to remain friends, and returned to teaming only a month later, aligning themselves with The Bella Twins to pair against Tons Of Funk and The Funkadactyls. Though the four were set to square off at WrestleMania 29, the match was cut due to time constraints. The two split for good the following Summer, after Damien Sandow shoved Rhodes off of the ladder in the Money In The Bank ladder match to successfully retrieve the briefcase. This started a short-lived feud between the two, which fizzled out as Sandow began chasing the WWE Championship.

Rhodes, now a full-fledged babyface, spoke out against Triple H’s Authority reign, which led to the COO pitting Rhodes in a match against his former Legacy teammate, Randy Orton. In the match, Rhodes’ WWE contract was on the line, and since Orton won, Rhodes was fired. The following week, Rhodes’ real-life brother Goldust faced Orton to fight for Rhodes’ job, only to be defeated. When Dusty Rhodes tried to plead for Cody’s job, he was knocked out by The Big Show, which led to Cody and Goldust fighting for vengeance against The Authority. Rhodes and Goldust were given a match at WWE Battleground to fight for their jobs, where the pair faced off against The Shield’s Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. With their father in their corner, the team successfully defeated The Shield and were both given WWE contracts.

The pair began calling themselves The Rhodes Dynasty, or sometimes The Brotherhood. A week and a day after defeating The Shield, Rhodes and Goldust captured the WWE Tag Team Championships. The two continued to pair until Payback, where Rhodes and Goldust were defeated by Rybaxel. Under the impression that he was a hindrance to Goldust, Rhodes left Goldust’s side. After several weeks of attempting to find a new partner to find success with, Goldust was approached by Rhodes who said that the following week, he’d be pairing with a new teammate. That teammate was Stardust, which was an eccentric side of Cody’s personality. The two had success together and have since been showcased in vignettes that are bizarre, but well-received. Given Cody’s successful run in tag teams, it’s quite possible that Goldust and Stardust are next in line for the WWE Tag Team Championships!


Edge dying. Lol.


Edge dying. Lol.

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